Pellet Fuel

Natures Flame Pellet Fuel

Pellet Discount

The more you buy the cheaper it gets

A customer discount provides discounted pricing on the purchase of wood pellets.

The price level payable is based on your total bags purchased in the current calendar year.


Prices (as at January 2014) are:

Your first nine bags for the season are: $11.50/bag

10 to 24 bags are: $11.20/bag

25 to 65 bags are: $10.80/bag

66+ bags are: $10.50/bag


At the end of the calendar year your bag count is reset to zero.


Conditions of use

  • Not transferable.
  • Delivery charges not included.


If you buy 66 bags (approx 1 tonne) at the lowest price of $693.00, you can take it all at once or only as you need it.